Data privacy protection notice for users

OPENPUZZLE allows this web site to be used anonymously or under a pseudonym. However, this does not apply to restricted-access areas in which information that may not be intended for the general public is made available and where business contacts, possibly between providers and users, can be established. The personal data collected in a form for access to these areas are required for reasons of legal security and are collected, stored, processed and used by OPENPUZZLE exclusively within the framework of statutory regulations. In particular, OPENPUZZLE uses the data provided by the user only for those purposes to which the member has agreed. The member is entitled, at any time, to request information about his/her stored personal data. Furthermore, any granted permission for data processing may be revoked at any time.

OPENPUZZLE hereby informs users that, due to the structure of the Internet, it is possible for other persons or institutions not under the control of OPENPUZZLE or its agents to violate the rules of data privacy protection and that OPENPUZZLE cannot prevent this. OPENPUZZLE is furthermore powerless to prevent the possibility that messages and information that should not leave the area of validity of the German data privacy protection laws due to their addressing might nevertheless leave this area.


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