Disclaimer and general terms of use

  1. Use of the OPENPUZZLE platform is free of charge for the user.
  2. OPENPUZZLE hereby informs users that the available content and/or statements – hereinafter referred to as "information" in general – of the individual information providers are solely the responsibility of these information providers. The information provided on the information pages of the individual providers is thus neither OPENPUZZLE's own information, nor does it reflect the opinion of OPENPUZZLE. The same applies to hyperlinks and/or frames or similar that are provided there. OPENPUZZLE claims neither ownership of this information and/or these hyperlinks and/or frames or similar, nor does it select, moderate or perform content checks on this information and/or these hyperlinks and/or frames or similar for correctness of content, completeness, up-to-date status or legality. Their use is at the sole responsibility of the user.
  3. Any legal transactions concluded in the OPENPUZZLE platform take place solely between the respective members involved in the transaction, not with OPENPUZZLE. The use of the OPENPUZZLE platform does not give rise to any contractual relationships between the user and OPENPUZZLE.
  4. Registration for restricted-access services: Certain services of the OPENPUZZLE platform may be password-protected. Access to these pages is possible only for registered users. No claim for registration exists. In particular, OPENPUZZLE additionally reserves the right to subject previously freely accessible web pages to mandatory registration. The following terms and conditions are also applicable:
    1. OPENPUZZLE is entitled, at any time, to withdraw the access authorization by blocking the access data, without the need to state reasons, particularly if the user provided incorrect data during registration, violated these terms and conditions, or failed to exercise proper care in handling the access data, or has not used OPENPUZZLE for an extended period.
    2. The user is obligated to make true statements when registering and to notify OPENPUZZLE about any subsequent changes without delay (online if provided). The member shall ensure that he/she receives the e-mails sent to him/her at the address specified by him/her.
    3. The user specifies his/her password during registration. He/she can subsequently change it at any time using the corresponding function in his/her account. Passwords must be kept strictly confidential at all times. OPENPUZZLE will not forward the password to third parties and will never ask the member about the password.
    4. The user shall ensure that his/her password is not made available to third parties, and he/she is responsible for all information and other activities disseminated under his/her password-protected account. The password-protected area must be exited after every use.
    5. Insofar as the member becomes aware of misuse of the password by third parties, he/she is obligated to report this to OPENPUZZLE in writing without undue delay, where necessary in advance by means of a simple e-mail. Once it has been notified, OPENPUZZLE will block access to the password-protected area. This block may be revoked only after a separate request by the member or after registering anew.
    6. The member can request his/her registration to be deleted at any time, insofar as this deletion does not conflict with the completion of ongoing contractual relationships, by sending a letter or by sending a simple e-mail to info@openpuzzle.com. In this case, OPENPUZZLE will delete all user data and all other stored personal data of the user as soon as these data are no longer required.
  5. The design and nature of the Internet and computer systems OPENPUZZLE will not accept any liability for uninterrupted availability of the web site.
  6. OPENPUZZLE expressly reserves the right to change, expand, and delete parts of the web site without prior notice or to temporarily or permanently cease publication or to change their URL.
  7. Use and download of content from the web site are permitted exclusively for private purposes. Any other reproduction or use is prohibited and will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.
  8. The copyright for published objects produced by OPENPUZZLE is held solely by OPENPUZZLE. Duplication and/or use of such graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without the express consent of OPENPUZZLE.
  9. OPENPUZZLE does not accept responsibility for the fact that information may also be accessed or downloaded from locations outside Germany. If users access OPENPUZZLE from locations outside Germany, they are solely responsible for observing the applicable regulations according to the respective national laws. Access to information from countries in which such access is against the law is not allowed.
  10. Any information, notifications, comments or other feedback that the user sends to OPENPUZZLE will not be not treated confidentially unless the user explicitly requests confidentiality in writing. OPENPUZZLE reserves the right to treat and use this information in any way it sees fit.
  11. If portions or individual formulations in these terms of use do not, no longer or incompletely conform to the valid legal status, this shall not affect the content or validity of the remaining portions of the terms of use.
  12. German law shall apply to legal disputes in connection with the use of OPENPUZZLE (excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods). This shall also be the case if the information services are commercially offered or provided in another country within the European Union, unless other provisions apply due to the rules of private international law. The place of jurisdiction is the respective principal office of OPENPUZZLE.


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